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Classes and Workshops


LifeMapping Program with Meg Flynn ………………………10 weeks  $4,500.00

Nothing is as important as taking time to truly understand your past-the gifts and the challenges. Deeply understanding our past and making peace with is will be our best way to create our future.  When you begin the journey of going back into your story, you will discover the roots of your true strengths so you can build on those and also uncover the roots of negative patterns in your life so you can heal those unconscious parts.  Becoming aware of our entire story and all of the experiences and players in it allows us to free old wounded parts through understanding and forgiveness and going back allows us to strengthen our healthy roots through celebration and gratitude.  We never want to go back to re-experience trauma, blame ourselves or our family or friends, for that keeps us in the victim.  Rather, when we go back into our story and memories it is with the intention to go back as our strong adult self and see all the younger ages of our self with a new awareness and compassion. 

Create the Life you Imagine workshop with Tracy Bowe……………$150.00

Join author and teacher Tracy Flynn Bowe to help you create the life you imagine. This workshop session will focus on the keys from her book, Create The Life You Imagine: What Are You Waiting For? Learn about the Mind-Body-Spirit connections that support your highest possibilities.  Join this workshop day to remember that your life matters and to discover the tools to create the conditions that feed your heart and soul.

Meditation & Movement with Stef & Emma……………………3 sessions $80.00

Have you ever wanted to try meditation but feel intimidated or don’t know how?  Stefanie will introduce the idea of meditation and how to implement it into your daily life. She will be joined with Emma, who will teach and model basic body movements that will help to create balance in your physical life. Come learn, experience and create your own meditation and movement practice.