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 Color Personality Types 

As a certified master trainer, Tracy Flynn Bowe delivers transformational organizational training focused on creating healthy strength based systems, and powerful keynote events focused on self development, relationships, personal growth and wellness using the four color personality work developed by Hay House author and teacher Dr. Carol Ritberger. The Personality Color Indicator (PCI)TM identifies predominant personality traits specifically pertaining to your preference for gathering information and making decisions. It classifies different personality types into four colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green. Your results will offer insight into why you think and act the way you do and help you better understand yourself. As an added benefit, the PCI can also help you better understand other people and interact with them more effectively. These events consistently receive extraordinary reviews from organizations and audiences of all kinds. Contact New Directions to learn how to bring this insightful and motivational work to your workplace, retreat, conference or event.

The Red Personality
Reds are the "Just Get It Done" people. They are assertive, determined and action oriented. They do not just talk about getting things done. They take charge and get completion. They measure on the bottom-line and are detail oriented. Reds are not timid about letting you know where you stand with them. They thrive in competitive environments.

The Orange Personality
Oranges are the "Let's All Get Along" people. They are friendly, personable, caring, and considerate people who take pleasure in helping others. They are the people who say, "If you are happy, then I am happy." Their social nature inspires them to bring people together whether that is at home, work, or in their communities. Their idea of a good time is being involved in social activities where people can share good food and good conversation.

The Yellow Personality
Yellows are the "Let's Do It Differently" people. They are independent creative thinkers who use their intellect and their creative imagination to devise innovative ways of accomplishing tasks or improving on existing things. They love to solve problems. The more complex the problems the better they like them. They are natural leaders and are not hesitant to challenge status quo or authority.

The Green Personality
Greens are the "Let's Experience it All" people. They have rich imaginations and thrive when using their intuitive and creative abilities. They think in metaphors and analogies, painting vivid pictures in their minds. They are happy people who can always see the good in every situation and in every person. Natural motivators, Greens encourage others to reach for the sky and to adopt the belief that anything can be accomplished if a person puts their mind to it and makes it fun. 



"Tracy Bowe presented "What Color is Your Personality" for our group, and we've been seeing things much "brighter" ever since! While many of us have been through other personality tests, this was a fun, energizing, easy-to-follow way to learn about the personality traits of ourselves and those around us. Not only did we learn how our personality "color" determines how we interact with others, but also how it affects the way we gather and process information and make decisions. They left our group excited and energized. Our members were so moved that we invited them back to present the "Create the Life You Imagine," program, and I'm sure we'll utilize them again in future programs." 
                                                                              Tara Bitzan
                                                                              Alexandria Area Business
                                                                                  and Professional Women

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