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Join this community of teachers and students as you begin this extraordinary program of personal and professional evolution. SEND qualifies for Continuing Education credits for Therapists, Nurses, Teachers and Other Professionals. Dates to be determined. 

The Inner Call to Self and Service

SEND is a seven-module program of personal development and professional growth for adult learners of all ages and faith traditions and from all life experiences and professional disciplines. The program is organized around seven experiential learning modules designed to lead participants into a deep and compassionate understanding of Self and toward an awareness of the unique gifts they have to offer in service to others.
Seven Modules
Weekend modules occur every three months. Dates for the modules will be finalized as registration is completed for the cohort. The modules move students through seven universal stages of self awakening and development following the seven chakras as a process map. The modules focus successively on understanding the power of each chakra and learning to balance and integrate the wisdom of these centers into one's life expression. Through lecture, journaling, art, music, meditation, body focusing and ritual, students learn to connect mindfully with the deep presence within themselves as a guide for daily life.

Finding Roots--Planting the Roots of the Inner Self

Diving Deep--Going Under the Surface of Emotions and Relationships

Burning Through--Lighting the Fire of the Inner Self

Opening to Love--Extending Compassion to Heal Ourselves and Others

Shining with Truth--Expressing the Light of the True Self

SIX | 
Touching the Sacred Self--Understanding Path, Purpose and Vocation

Returning Home--Integrating Self and Service (One Day Capstone Session) 



Authors and teachers Tracy Flynn BoweKate Flynn and Meg Flynn of The SEND Institute teach this program. The program also features the work of Jill Moore (body awareness and yoga), Stefanie Okeson (life map processing and counseling), Ellen Jahnke (life map processing and counseling) and other guest teachers and practitioners.

Continuing Education Credits

SEND has been approved for 18 continuing education units per module by the MN Board of Marriage and Family Therapy (CE: 3819) and 24 continuing education units per module by the MN Board of Psychology (0910-8421). SEND also qualifies for 18 contact hours per module for the MN Board of Nursing and 18 clock hours per module for the MN Board of Social Work and the MN Board of Education. Proof of completion and hours certificates are available for individual submission.


The program is $595 per module which includes all module materials and the directed study program occurring between modules. Scholarships and payment plans (just $210 per month) are available as well as tuition discounts for couples or family members residing in the same household.


SEND Program modules are held on the campuses of St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota, and the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Retreat style housing is available at St. John's University.


Learn More about the Program  For Questions call us at 320-654-0001 or send us an email at